Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

For most people, working out from home is not so fulfilling. They prefer doing team sports and exercise and training in the open. The home workout usually feels like a chore because of a lack of external motivation.

A Liteboxer is a smart boxing device that provides high-intensity and fun workouts. It is an awesome way to work out from home and remain in great shape. For lovers of exercise and those who are trying to lose weight, Liteboxer is the perfect choice for them.

Liteboxer Fitness Bundle

A Liteboxer Fitness Bundle comprises the device, gloves, hand wraps, and a fitness mat. It includes all the equipment needed to facilitate your home workout routine.

You can use the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle with an app that provides premium workouts and training at home while incorporating the new ™ Musc training equipment.

It has sensors that allow users to check their opponent’s progress at a particular time.

Types of Liteboxer Fitness Bundles. 

Liteboxer Wall Mount

Litebox wall mount is a modern fitness gadget. It is built using the latest technology to enable you to enjoy good music and exercise. The device is mounted on the wall to display the device.


  • One Liteshield
  • Covers
  • Monitor
  • Apps for fitness training
  • Boxing gloves

Liteboxer Floor Stand

It’s almost similar to the Light Boxer wall mount, but it includes the floor stand. This lightbox fitness bundle is excellent for homes with a good floor.


  • Floor stand
  • One Liteshield
  • Covers
  • Apps for fitness training
  • Monitor
  • Boxing gloves

Liteboxer Fitness Bundles Cost.

Liteboxer can’t be said to be very cheap, but compared to other devices in the fitness industry, it is budget-friendly. The price of the Liteboxer device starts from $1,695, which comprises the unit, one pair of gloves, one pair of wraps, shipping, and a one-month app-free subscription.

This price is lower than when you enroll for a year’s membership at a five-star gym. Also, the convenience that the device brings, coupled with the variety of classes, makes it worth its price.

The pro package is priced at $1,795, and it comprises the unit, a non-slip map to place beneath the unit, two pairs of gloves, two pairs of wraps, shipping, and one month of app membership.

Material of the Liteboxer Punching Bag.

The Liteboxer punching bag is not light; it is mainly made of heavy material like metal. It is more robust than other average boxing bags, and it’s available in two types:

  • With a stand
  • Hands-on the wall

You can choose any of the options that suit your preference.

How to Use Liteboxer Fitness Bundle?

Make working out fun while still achieving your desired shape, you should look out for the Liteboxers Fitness Bundle. The Liteboxer Fitness comprises the Liteboxer punching bag, gloves, and wraps. It is designed carefully to ensure that you enjoy a seamless workout session. Also, it’s a great way to work out from home, especially if going to the gym every day feels like a hassle for you. The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is also a great way to get a cardio workout. With this device, you can relieve stress after a long day at work. All you do is put on your gloves and begin to punch. The more punches you throw and the harder the punches, the more calories you burn.

The gloves and wraps are a measure to protect your hands during your workout session. The wraps around your wrists help support your hands while working out. The gloves are part of the bundle to protect your hands from sustaining an injury or getting sore.

There’s nothing technical about using the Liteboxer Fitness Bundle; all you have to do is wear the gloves and wraps and start punching away. But you must be cautious and focused because you could sustain an injury if you get carried away or distracted.

The benefits of the Liteboxer bundle. 

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is a good workout option to get fit and in good shape. This bundle has many benefits attached to it, especially to your health. Its benefits include:

Increased fitness levels: 

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle can help you improve your fitness level by providing high-intensity and challenging workouts. This bundle is designed with a punching bag, gloves, and a mat so you can benefit maximally from the workout session.

Improved health: 

The Liteboxer Fitness Bundles can cause an overall improvement in your health by helping you shred off excess fat and tone muscle. By doing high-intensity and challenging workouts, you can burn more calories and build lean muscle mass.


The Liteboxer Fitness Bundles guarantee convenience. You don’t need to exert strength to set it up or take it down; you can take it with you on your travels conveniently.


You don’t have to break the bank to afford the Liteboxer Fitness Bundles. You can easily afford it even if you’re on a budget.


The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is not only beneficial to your health, but it’s also a fun activity you can engage yourself in. You can throw punches and kick the bag to clear your mind and relieve stress or use it to prepare for a competition.


The Liteboxer Fitness Bundle is an excellent way to get in shape and stay fit. Everything you need to burn calories and get in shape is in the fitness bundle. The bundle includes a punching bag, gloves, and wraps. The exciting part about the bundle is that you get one month’s free subscription to the Litebox app. The Litebox app will grant you access to several workout routines. Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, the Litebox can cater to your workout needs and help you get in shape and stay fit.