Do hand grippers build muscles?

do hand grippers build muscle?

Strong muscles are paramount for working out as they give you the strength to handle heavy lifts. The wrists play a crucial role in supporting your body during workouts. Hand grippers are imperative for strengthening your arms and wrists. Through the use of hand grippers, you improve your hand endurance as they achieve their optimal excellence. If you have a knack for working out, consider using these grippers. They are easily portable and versatile, which means they are not convoluted so you can use them easily. Here is more information on how do a hand grippers build muscles and their uses.

Why Develop Grip Strength?

Grip strength has a tremendous effect on the quality of life you lead. This is experienced by how you can lift weights and work out generally, which improves the functionality of your heart. Statistics show that weak grips, especially for those with cardiovascular conditions, are prone to cardiovascular deaths. It doesn’t matter the gender or age of a person as they are all susceptible to this if they have cardiovascular diseases and have less strong grips. If you are an athlete, grip strength can lead to exemplary performance in your specialty. Muscle strength is mandatory for athletes in sports like basketball, tennis, rock climbing, and baseball. Grip strength is not only useful for the gym and athletic activities but for the day to day activities like carpentry and carrying groceries and heavy things, among other things.

How Gripping Devices Develop Grip-Strength?

Gripping devices will give you the desired results for your hand muscles, wrists, and forearms. This is because the devices focus specifically on these areas. Given that you aim to strengthen your hands, gripping devices can bring noticeable changes to your grip strength when you use the devices right. For example, the handle’s bottom on your palm will give the pinky finger the right position to press the handles together. Do some high reps using a gripping device, as this increases your ability for endurance. One can also do low reps to achieve maximum strength, which is ample for creating a strong fist.

Using gripping devices, one can carry out drop sets; by implementing this, you push your muscles to the peak. Use a heavy resistance device for this, but shift to the lighter resistance device upon getting to the finish line. Gripping devices are also good for your eccentric reps, whereby you learn how to slowly open up your hands, making the impact on your hands even more. You will enjoy the desired results when you correctly use the gripping devices. The devices press and stretch your muscles to the maximum.

Suggested Grippers

The market has several grippers at your disposal when looking to purchase one. Gone are the obsolete grippers, as there are now improved grippers offering excellence and quality. These are some of the best-renowned grippers in the market today.

  1. Harbinger Adjustable Gripper

The Harbinger adjustable gripper is unparalleled as it possesses unique features. The gripper offers you the option of adjusting the weight as you can decide to either increase or decrease the weight. This gripper is not difficult to use, making it ideal for grip-strength workouts. This is a perfect choice if you are aiming for endurance, as it supports high-repetition training. Enjoy great comfort from the cushioned parts of the gripper and well-molded handles that will not leave you with blisters. Although not ideal for power training, it does well when aiming for endurance. This device is suitable for novices as there are no complex instructions for using it.

  1. Cosco Grasp Hand Gip

The name Cosco is already a well-known brand specializing in making and selling sports and fitness things such as hand grips. Nothing is as irritating as having your hands slide when you are busy exercising. This gripper has handles that have foam which contributes to preventing any slips when working out. Using the gripper, you achieve strong fingers and hands, which are handy daily. Stay calm about its performance as it is exquisite, and you will only be purchasing a new gripper after a long time due to its durability. Given that it is compact, you can bring this gripper wherever you go.

  1. Heavy Sports, Heavy Grips

With their multiple resistance levels, 100 to 300 lbs, these grippers are no joke. The grippers allow for a 50 lb increment during workouts, which shows they are heavy-duty. The resistance level for this gripper is outstanding and is a perfect choice for those who want to go beyond the usual level. Select this gripper if you plan a power workout, as its sturdy nature supports it. Seek these grippers if you want to enjoy challenging gym times for longer.

  1. Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

Just as the word suggests, this gripper is meant to strengthen hands. The best part about this gripper is that you have the option to control the strength of the gripper during workouts. This means that no matter your training level, this gripper is versatile and adjustable to fit your needs. In case of any wrist pains, this gripper can help eliminate them by using it slowly, stretching your wrist muscles. Durability is assured when using this gripper.

How to Use the Grippers?

Before purchasing any gripper, you must learn how it is used to achieve your goal. Here is how you effectively use the grippers.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Place the gripper above the thumb allowing it to be on one side as your index and middle fingers are positioned on the other side of the gripper, and squeeze.
  2. Confirm that the gripper is properly positioned on the hand using your free hand.
  3. Put your ring, middle, index, and pinky fingers on one handle of the gripper and squeeze. Try as much as possible to squeeze using your index and thumb fingers.
  4. Ensure your fingers are tightly pressed together for greater tension which is good for the knuckle muscles.
  5. Change the squeezing to having the middle and thumb finger take over.
  6. Using your thumb, push the handle as your other fingers work around the handle.
  7. Open and close the grip with one hand, as this is the full hand exercise that strengthens your hand.
  8. Ensure that the handles touch when squeezing the grip.

This is how one correctly uses a grip to develop their hand muscles as grip strength is achieved. Do it right frequently, and you will notice the results.

Tips for Improving Gripping Strength

  1. Remember to breathe

When squeezing the grip, one should ensure sufficient oxygen to support the right breathing needed for gripping workouts. During the squeezing part of the exercise, you must exhale and inhale during release. Note that with appropriate breathing, you can hold your position for as long as needed when squeezing.

  1. Do the heavy walk

Make a point of picking a bucket of water, a weight plate, or bags full of groceries on your sides. When doing this, you must be straight and not lean towards any side, as this ruins what you want to achieve from this activity. Looking forward without raising your shoulders, start walking with the heavy load on your sides to where it gets bearable. Place your heavy load down whenever your hand cannot take it anymore. This is an exercise that improves how strong your grip is.

  1. Use the grippers as much as possible

Given that a gripper is not complex, one can decide to use it at whatever chance. This means using the gripper when doing some passive activities like watching a documentary as you can manage to concentrate on both activities. As long as you use the gripper correctly, nothing is holding you back.

  1. Hold on to battle ropes

Most people assume that hanging on battle ropes is a walk in the park when it is a very challenging activity. The aspect of grabbing the rope requires one to have a high level of grip strength and endurance. This is because you feel your muscles are straining to the fullest and your strength becoming minimal the more you hold on to them. It is even harder for you if the ropes are placed at a slightly high position, as it means you need to jump to hold the rope at the top part. There is no doubt that this will contribute to your grip strength once you do it a couple of times and be consistent.

  1. Warm-up

Before any gripping exercises, you should warm up your wrist. This is because catching it unaware can cause tension and pain. Start with a low-pressure gripper before you advance to the challenging gripper, as this will prepare your wrists beforehand. Low pressure will not affect your wrist; you will have the freedom to do as many reps as you would like until you feel like you are in a position to transfer to high-pressure reps.


Do you have any doubts about your grip strength? If so, as the article guides you, you now have enough information on how to deal with this. Refrain from dealing with injured wrists due to having low grip strength when you can increase your grip strength. Once you start strengthening your hands, it will become a norm. Get the best grip with the right grippers, and train well. Come up with a workout plan that supports incorporating grip workouts into the mix.