What Should I Eat After Doing Push Ups?


What you decide to eat after doing your push up workout can play a part in how much our muscle grows and strength levels increase. In this article were going to cover exactly what to eat and when!

Push-ups are a great exercise to add to our workouts as a way to get in shape. After working out making the correct food choice will play a part in our body’s response to the exercise.

In general, we would class push-ups as a hypertrophy/strength-based workout. Therefore the best food choice of food to eat after the workout will be rich in protein along with carbohydrates to support recovery.

We are breaking down muscle tissue in the hope it will grow back bigger and stronger.

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Why eat protein after a push up a workout?

The actual process of our muscles growing does not occur during our gym workouts but rather in the days afterward, our boy will react to the stress stimulus of the push-ups, and recover stronger. Protein is the human body’s preferred source of macronutrients for repairing muscle tissue. As we exercise and create microfiber muscle tears our body using amino acids contained in protein to facilitate the repair process. Wearing boxing headgear can help stop pain asccoiated with lack of protein absorbtion.

How soon should I eat protein after doing push ups?

It is widely thought that a protein feeding window exists after a workout. You may see bodybuilders dashing home to consume a protein-rich meal within 45 minutes of their workout. Whilst there is a little bit of truth in this, in general, you will be ok as long as you meet your daily protein need. There is no time scale after a workout in which we need to consume protein, so long as we get the protein consumed at some point in the day. However, the earlier you consume the protein, the earlier the adaptation process will start, meaning you will be rearing to go before your next scheduled gym session. Depending on how hard you exercised will dictate how much carbohydrates and protein you need to eat, if your workout was hard and vigorous or high intensity you may need to replace those calories with a higher amount of carbohydrates, however, or you may want to consider workout out a bit slower, check out the article on the benefits of doing slow push-ups.

Which type of protein will digest the quickest after doing push ups?

When it comes to choosing which protein to eat after doing a push-up workout you may want to consider how fast the source of protein will digest. A protein with a higher bioavailability index will be quickly absorbed by the body y after a workout whereas a lower bioavailability index will take the body longer to digest.

As you can see by the table below, Whey Isolate protein shakes the highest bioavailability whereas plant-based protein such as rich and grains have lower bioavailability.

Protein SourceBIO Availability Index
Whey Protein Isolate 100-159
Whey Protein Concentrate104
Whole Milk100
Cows Milk91
Egg White88

How does this affect our choice of protein after a push-up workout?

In general, we should look to consume a protein source from a high bioavailability source so we can digest it quickly and begin the repair process earlier. This makes protein such as Whey Isolate shakes a perfect choice after a workout.

Will eating protein support weight loss?

Our weight loss or fat loss will occur as a result of eating a calorie-restricted diet. However, workouts will support calorie burning and help the fat loss processes. Because protein both supports muscle repair after a training session and is low in calories, it makes perfect sense to consume a protein-rich diet to support weight loss. Protein provides only 4 calories per gram whereas fat is more than double that at 9 calories per gram!

Should I eat carbohydrates after doing push-ups?

Carbohydrates are the human body’s preferred energy source during a workout. The carbohydrates we consume are stored as glycogen in the muscle. During a workout, the muscles we work during push ups such as the pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, will use glucose (useable energy) and glycogen (stored energy). The carbohydrates we eat 24-72 hours before our workout will be stored as glycogen for us to use in our next workout. Therefore eating a meal after a push-up workout that includes sufficient carbohydrates will support our next training session.

Eating carbohydrates immediately after a gym workout will also raise insulin, Normally, it is best to eat lower glycemic foods so we can avoid an insulin spike. However, after a training session, it is favorable to do the opposite. By consuming carbohydrates that elevate insulin we will help the body drive nutrients such as amino acids (protein) to the muscle cells. The best choice of carbohydrate to eat immediately after a push-up type workout is once which has a high glycemic index rating.

Examples of meals to eat after doing pushups?

In truth, you can eat whatever healthy meal you want after a workout, as long as it provides sufficient carbs and protein, however here are some examples below.

  • Whey Isolate Shake, chicken, white rice
  • Whey Concentrate shake, steak, pasta.
  • Chicken, potatoes, vegetables.
  • Whey Isolate shake, tuna fish, white rice.
  • Steak, sweet potato fries, vegetables.
  • Burger with lean meat, fries, and salad.

As you can see each meal is low fat and contains a protein source, a carbohydrate, and even some healthy vegetables. Low-fat isn’t necessarily needed however most people who are doing push up are probably wanting to get in shape, therefore meals that are low fat will support weight loss goals. We’ve opted for white rice when we can as white rice is a simple carb with a high glycemic index which help spike insulin.

Brown Rice with Sizzling Chicken and Vegetables

Is chicken good to eat after doing push ups?

As you can see in our table above, chicken is pretty high in the bioavailability index which makes it a great source of nutrients after a workout. Throw in a few high glycemic index cards to help spike insulin and support protein synthesis and you have the perfect meal!

What should you not eat after a workout?

There are some food choices we would not advise to eat after a workout. Eating anything that is high in fat such or sugar and doesn’t much in terms of usable protein and carbs for the body. Examples of foods you should not eat include

  • Potato chips
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Fizzy drinks

These food types are fine in moderation however they wouldn’t be our optimal food of choice after a hard workout. These foods are high in calories, high in fat and sugar, and go little to support recovery after a workout. For that reason, they should be avoided as meal choices when looking for a way to get in shape.

Do I need to eat anything after doing push ups?

You don’t necessarily have to eat anything after doing push ups, your workout isn’t going to become pointless if you don’t rush home and consume a shake. However, making correct food choices consistently over time will give the body the nutrients it needs to recover before ur next workout.

Should I eat before doing push ups?

Eating prior to a workout will give us energy during our workout. Our body’s preferred choice of energy source during a workout is carbohydrates. Therefore we would recommend eating at least 2-3 hours before a workout to give your body a chance to digest the meal. You could even eat some protein with the meal to kickstart start protein synthesis even before you’ve started your workout.

pre workout meal chicken and pasta before push ups

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