How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Bat Wings?

How long does it take to get Rid of Bat Wings? No, we’re not talking about the wings of an actual bat. Bat wings, also called bingo wings, are the flabby pieces of skin that hang down from your upper arms. 

Many people struggle with excess fat in their upper arms, and as they age, their muscles lose tone and the skin in that area starts to loosen. Luckily, however, it’s possible to reverse this process with proper diet and exercise.

How Long To Get Rid of Bat Wings (Bingo Wings)?

If you’ve spent any time looking for fitness tips on the Internet, you know that there are many, many ads claiming that if you just take this one vitamin every day, you’ll be the healthiest, fittest version of yourself in just one week, or even less.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. To get rid of those bat wings, you’ll probably need to make some lifestyle adjustments, like adding arm workouts into your daily routine and tracking your calorie intake. 

If you stick with an exercise regime, you’ll see a noticeable difference in flabbiness and muscle tone of your bingo wings (bat wings) in anywhere from four to twelve weeks. Of course, how fast you get results will depend on several factors, like how strictly you follow a routine, your body’s metabolism, your age, your current level of fitness, etc. 

Everyone is different, so try not to get discouraged if your progress seems slow.

How to Get Started

Getting rid of bat wings requires two steps: reducing your overall body fat through a calorie deficit, and toning your upper arms with exercises that target your biceps and triceps.

Will losing weight get rid of bingo wings?

To do this, you first need to know how many calories you’re supposed to eat in a day. The recommended number will change based on things like your age, overall fitness level, sex, etc. So it’s hard to know for sure what you need without talking to a nutritionist. Eventually, losing weight will help get rid of bingo wings by reducing the fat around the arm area.

However, you can get a pretty decent estimate using an online calculator. Once you have that number, you create a deficit by intentionally eating fewer calories per day than the recommended amount.

For example, a caloric deficit of 500 calories will usually result in a weight loss of about one pound every week, just on its own. Combine that with regular exercise, and you’ll be able to lose even more.

It’s important not to go too crazy with this, though. Particularly if you’re new to diet and exercise, pushing your body too hard will only cause you to give up and possibly develop even worse habits.

When it comes to losing weight and getting fit, it’s all about making gradual changes that you can maintain, and slowly ramping up the difficulty as you become more comfortable.

Arm Exercises For Bat Wings/ Bingo Wings?

The same is true of exercise. Don’t try to go from no exercise to hour-long workout sessions every day. Not only is that unsustainable but it’s also dangerous, as your body won’t be used to the exertion, and you could hurt yourself pretty badly.

If you’d like some ideas for biceps or triceps workouts to help your bingo or bat wings, check out our article on the best bingo wing exercises without weights.


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